Filing Correction Forms:

Make a mistake on a 1099-MISC that has already been filed?  Take a look at the common errors and identify which  which type of error was made and how to correct.  You can utilize this service even if you filed in the past or with another company.  

There are 2 Types of common errors that can be corrected with Wagefiling.

You must decide if you have a Type 1 or Type 2 correction before starting.
Please read what Type 1 and Type 2 covers. 
Wrong Money Amount Entered - Type 1 Error
Wrong Tax ID entered - Type 2 Error
Sent a 1099 to his company, but should have been to him individually, or vice-versa - Type 2
Sent a 1099 but should have not done so - Type 1

Correction Type 1 (covers incorrect money amount, incorrect address, incorrect payee name or the form should not have been filed)

IMPORTANT! Most important when you begin to do a correction is you have to re-enter your information. DO NOT Bring Files Forward, this will effect any other filings associated.  If you have questions always feel free to contact us

To correct a MONEY amount: change the money to the correct amount.
To correct an address: change the address.
To correct payee name: change the payee name.
A return was filed when one should not have been filed:  put ZERO in the money amount.

Finally, go to the Main Menu, and checkout to submit and e-File this new file. Print the corrected copy and mail it to the recipient. You are now finished. The correction will be e-Filed to the IRS.
Correction Type 2 (covers incorrect Tax ID, or both name and address were wrong)

Finally, go to the Main Menu, checkout to submit and e-File this new file. Print the corrected copies and mail them to the recipient. You may wish to send the recipient a letter explaining that the first 1099 form with the correction box checked and zero in the money amount will cancel the form e-Filed previously with the wrong Tax ID. The second 1099 form, with no correction checked, is the corrected form. You are now finished. The Type 2 correction will be e-Filed to the IRS.

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