1. Contacting us.
2. 1099 reference information.
   General 1099 MISC Filing Instructions
3. W-2 reference information.
4. Get started entering forms.
5. Change a form - Before checkout.
6. Delete a form - Before checkout.
7. How to checkout, print and e-File.
8. How to print Payee copies.
9. How to print Filer copies.
10. Are forms approved?
11. Who gets which 1099 copy.
12. Who gets which W-2 copy.
13. When are my forms e-Filed, and when is the confirmation?
14. Filing 1099 corrections.
15. Filing W-2 corrections.
16. State filing requirements for 1099s.
17. Add more forms to a company after checkout.
18. After checkout..
19. How to get 1096 and/or W-3 style totals.
20. Change a form - After checkout.
20. Delete a form - After checkout.

21. Bringing Files Forward from Last Year
22. Deleting Entire Files and all Payees.
23. Totaling all payees in a file.

24. Common Problems and Fixes.
25. SSN Masking.

71. Definitions.
72. Prices and Checkout.
73. Features.

1. Contacting US:

Thank you for using WageFiling.com.

Before anything else, please CLICK HERE FOR COMMON PROBLEMS AND FIXES - TOPIC NO. 24

Before contacting technical support, please look for the answers here. If the answer is not here, then please send an E-Mail to Support@WageFiling.com and let us know about the issue or problem you are having. Please give us as much detail as possible. Please include the form type. Are you doing W-2 or 1099 forms? Have you checked out? Your telephone number, the e-Mail address used to login to WageFiling.com, so we can access your account. Please describe in detail the problem or question. If we know the answer to your question, we will e-Mail the answer. If not, we will telephone you. Please allow at least 24 hours for the response by e-Mail. We greatly appreciate your cooperation.

General: After logging in, all activities begin at the MAIN MENU page. Most of the activities are intuitive. Please remember the data entry screen will not print. To print payee copies, you must checkout first. However you can print a sample form by clicking here: PRINT SAMPLE form. This will show how the forms look in the browser, and how the hard copy looks, when printed from your browser. All payee forms comply with IRS substitute form requirements.

2. Official 1099 reference information:

For general information about who must file, deadlines, penalties, corrections, etc. from the IRS please see 1099 General Instructions. For information about which boxes to use on IRS form 1099-Miscellaneous, see 1099-Misc Instructions.

3. Official W-2 reference information:

Information about SSA Forms W-2 and W-3 please see W-2 and W-2 Instructions.

4. What are the steps to enter forms?

5. How do I VIEW or MODIFY a form entered previously?

6. How do I DELETE a form entered previously?

7. How do I checkout, print, and e-file the payee forms?

8. How do I PRINT COPIES to mail to the employees or payees?

Printing Details:

Click the BROWSER's FILE Menu, then PRINT PREVIEW. This will show how many pages will be printed, what will be on each page. You can also print selected pages this way. Then click PRINT in your BROWSER for the hard copies.

Note 1: Hard copies are designed to fold into standard No. 9 or No. 10 single or double window envelopes. Special envelopes are not required. All copies are IRS compliant 1099 and W-2 substitute forms for the recipients (see No. 10 below).

Note 2: We e-file Copy A to the IRS or SSA soon after you checked out. Your e-filing confirmation will be sent by e-Mail.

9. How do I print my "FILER" copies?

10. How do I know the laser printed forms are APPROVED by the IRS and SSA?

11. Exactly who gets what 1099 copy?

12. Exactly who gets what W-2 copy?

13. When will WageFiling.com e-file my forms to the IRS/SSA?, and when will WageFiling.com furnish my email confirmation of e-Filing?

We will e-File to the IRS or SSA during the regular season, January to April usually within 2 to 12 days after you checkout and pay for them, but they may be filed to the IRS/SSA sooner.

The e-Mail confirmation is e-Mailed to you usually within 2 to 12 days after e-Filing to the IRS/SSA, but you may receive the confirmation sooner. Email is sometimes undependable, due to SPAM filters, etc. It is your responsibility to be certain you receive the confirmation, see below.

The e-Filing deadline is March 31, 1or the next business day, if that day is a legal holiday. Files submitted after March 26, will be e-Filed as soon as possible, but we can not guarantee they will be e-Filed by the deadline. You must submit any late 1099s and W-2s as soon as possible after the deadline.

All forms e-Filed to the IRS/SSA after the deadline may be subject to a late filing penalty by the IRS. The penalty is payable by the "Filer/Company" who submitted the forms. WageFiling.com, your authorized Transmitter/Submitter, is never liable for late filing penalties, or any other penalties, under any circumstances. If you do not receive your confirmation for any reason, it is your responsibility to contact us for an emergency extension of time, or allow us sufficient time to search for, or resubmit your files before the deadline. Thanks you for using WageFiling.com, we appreciate your business.

14. Filing 1099 Corrections

Before using corrections:

If you are currently entering 1099 information and have NOT checked out, do DO NOT USE THE CORRECTION checkbox. Instead, use the VOID or DELETE checkbox to remove the form. Then, if necessary, choose ADD Payee to enter the correct form. Do not read or follow this procedure. Deleted or Voided forms are never e-Filed, and you may choose not to print them.

Do not use this corrections procedure if you checked out, then discover you FORGOT to enter, or LEFT OUT some 1099 forms. If a form for somebody was left out, start a new file with the same company information as before, then add just the forms you left out, then checkout and print the forms. Do not use the corrections checkbox for forms you forgot to enter.

You can do corrections for the current Tax Year or any PAST Tax Year. You can do corrections for forms you filed to the IRS on THIS system or you filed to the IRS some other way.

Start your a new corrections file in one of TWO ways. If the Company/Filer does not exist on your WageFiling account just click NEW COMPANY at the main menu. If your Company/Filer does exist then Click FILE MANAGER at the main menu, then choose BRING COMPANY FORWARD to create a new file. Be sure the TAX YEAR is correct.

When doing corrections type ONLY the FORMS in error. DO NOT pay for and e-file the ENTIRE GROUP again!

If you bring a file forward, to avoid re-typing, delete all the others that were correct then check out and pay for only the corrected forms.

WARNING: You must decide if you have a Type 1 or Type 2 correction before starting. To decide, read the what Type 1 and Type 2 covers.

Example 1: Wrong money amount, use Type 1
Example 2: Wrong Tax ID was entered, use Type 2
Example 3: You sent a 1099 to his company, but should have been to him individually, or vice-versa. use Type 2
Example 4: Sent a 1099 but should have not done so: use Type 1

Correction Type 1 (covers incorrect money amount, incorrect address, incorrect payee name or the form should not have been filed)
To correct a MONEY amount: change the money to the correct amount.
To correct an address: change the address.
To correct payee name: change the payee name.
A return was filed when one should not have been filed:  put ZERO in the money amount.

Finally, go to the Main Menu, and checkout to submit and e-File this new file. Print the corrected copy and mail it to the recipient. You are now finished. The correction will be e-Filed to the IRS.
Correction Type 2 (covers incorrect Tax ID, or both name and address were wrong) Finally, go to the Main Menu, checkout to submit and e-File this new file. Print the corrected copies and mail them to the recipient. You may wish to send the recipient a letter explaining that the first 1099 form with the correction box checked and zero in the money amount will cancel the form e-Filed previously with the wrong Tax ID. The second 1099 form, with no correction checked, is the corrected form. You are now finished. The Type 2 correction will be e-Filed to the IRS.

For more information about corrections please see 1099 General Instructions Section H on ~ page 6 titled Corrected Returns on Paper Forms. Although WageFiling.com automatically e-files your forms, the procedures described in Section H use the same IRS rules described above.

15. Filing W-2 Corrections

W-2 corrections are under construction, and not currently supported. However, you may submit W-2 corrections by hand with a ball point pen by ordering forms W-2C and W-3C from WageFiling.com technical support.

16. What are the state filing requirements? and what is the Combined Federal/State Filing program?

17. Add more forms to a company already checked out?

Get to the Main Menu. Click the File Manager button. Select the Company. Click BRING COMPANY FORWARD to create a new file for that company. At the Main Menu click the new file (click bottom company name in GREEN). Add the next batch of forms or just one form. Then checkout. You can do as many batches for the same company as you wish, just don't duplicate any payees. This works for both 1099s and W-2s.

18. I have checked out, but where are my forms?

Answer: See Topic No. 8 above.

19. How do create 1096 or W-2 Style Totals

From the MAIN MENU, click click on the File Manager button. Then click View/Print Totals (after selecting the file you wish to total).

20. Add, Change or Delete Forms after checkout

After checkout and e-Filing, you can not make changes to the data already sent to the IRS. Just as if you had mailed paper forms to the IRS, the only way to make changes is file corrections.
To ADD more forms to a company already checked out: Create more forms under the same company, then checkout again. For more, see No. 17 above.

You can only DELETE, or CHANGE a form after checkout, by submitting a correction. To create corrections, you must carefully read Topic 14 about corrections. Then, create a new file for the same company, Add the Payee with the corrected form, then checkout. For example, to DELETE a certain form already e-Filed, file the same form again under the same company as Type 1 correction, with zero in the money amount. Do not guess about corrections. Always read Topic 14 and be certain you understand Type 1 and Type 2 corrections.


21. Bring Files Forward from a Previous Year

From the MAIN MENU, click click on the File Manager button. Then check the file to bring forward. Check only one file, then click "Bring Selected File Forward". This process copies the entire file and all payees from the selected file to another new file. The new file has a new File Sequence Number.

If you have the same company and many of the same payees, as last year, you can bring a file forward to tax year . This process saves re-typing the payee names, social security numbers, addresses, etc. After bringing a file forward, just change the money amounts, add few payees if necessary. Void or delete some payees if necessary. This process copies the file you select, gives it a new sequence number, and changes the tax year to , and sets up the file so you can access it from the Main Menu.

22. Deleting Entire Files

From the MAIN MENU, click click on the File Manager button. Then check the file to DELETE, then Click the DELETE button.
Deleting a file will remove it permanently. It can not be un-deleted. The data will be lost forever. You will be charged again to print and/or e-File the file. Do not even consider this unless you are absolutely certain.

23. Totaling all Payees in a File

From the MAIN MENU, click click on the File Manager button. Then click View/Print Total. Also see Topic 19.

24. Common Problems and Fixes


If you have a Non-Alligned, bad looking, Data Input Screen for W-2 or 1099s in WageFiling.com, it's easy to fix.
The problem is "LARGE TEXT" set in Microsoft Internet Explorer. To fix, click on the VIEW Menu, then click TEXT SIZE, then Choose MEDIUM.


Having "LARGE TEXT" will also cause the Forms to Print poorly and unacceptably. On the 2nd and following pages, the last form will be partly on the next page. This is unacceptable. To fix, choose MEDIUM size test as shown above.


Get rid of the unwanted Headers and Footers on W-2 and/or 1099 Forms printed from your browser! Click on File/Page Setup. Select "Empty" for Headers, Footers or both, if that's what you prefer.

25. TAX ID Masking

Tax ID (SSN or EIN) Masking causes the payee's TAX ID number to print like as XXX-XX-1234, XX-XXX-1234, or XXXXX1234, it is also called "Truncation".

Masking is performed for security purposes, such as preventing identity theft.

Masking is set by default. We highly recommend that you perform masking because it is recommended by the IRS. If you fail to use this security precaution, and the payee's identity is stolen, you might be held liable.

To print the payees full Tax ID (no Masking) you must un-set it each time your print 1099 or W-2 forms.

On Form 1099-Misc, masking is performed only on Copy B and Copy 2 . On Form W-2, masking is performed on Copy B, Copy 2, and Copy C. Tax ID are never masked to the other copies, even if you choose masking.

When your forms are e-Filed to the IRS or SSA, the payee's full SSN is always sent, even if you choose Masking.

TAX ID Masking is authorized here: Latest rules in the Federal Register and Pilot Program

71. Definitions

72. Prices and Checkout Procedure for WageFiling.com

Prices for 1099-Misc or W-2 forms are: Original (Normal): $3.49 per form, Previous Years: $4.99 per form, Corrections: $4.99 per form

We e-File Copy A to the IRS or SSA for you. You must print the recipient copies and mail them. You may print your copies for your records. If your state requires copies, you should print and mail those copies for the states, when required. If you have questions about which copies you need to send, or questions about a particular state, or the IRS Combined Federal/State Filing program for 1099 forms, please click HELP at the main menu.

You will be able to print these forms immediately after checkout. Forms are created on blank paper, using your printer. It is not necessary to order forms.

73. Features of WageFiling.com

Easy online filing of W-2 and 1099 Forms

  • No software to purchase or learn to use.
  • Try before you buy, entering forms is FREE.
  • If you like our service, it's just $3.49 per form.
  • You can print forms INSTANTLY on your printer (like an airline boarding pass).
  • You mail them immediately, to meet a deadline or just to know it's done.
  • Or, we will print and mail all forms to the payees, if you choose that option.
  • We always e-File for you to the IRS or SSA when you check out.

Advantages of Wage Filing Online

  • No FORMS to purchase.
  • No SPECIAL envelopes required. Use standard No. 10 double or single window.
  • View and/or Print a sample laser form by clicking HERE.
  • We always e-file your forms to the IRS or SSA, but not until you
    decide to make the purchase and check out.
  • We always provide a confirmation of the e-Filing, so you know it was done.
  • We will print and mail payee copy, if you select that option.
  • Save keystrokes, key in the Filer/Company information, just once.